Lead and Copper

As part of PWSD #9’s commitment to provide safe drinking water to our residents, we comply with all regulations of the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act.

As a result of recent revisions to the act’s Lead and Copper Rule, we are required to create an inventory of water service line materials throughout the district and make it publicly available by of October 2024. This assessment will include both the customer side of the service line – the water line that connects your home/business to its water meter – and the district side of the service line, which connects the meter to the water main.

We maintain records on a majority of the district-owned service lines; however, there is little information available about the customer-owned portions. (Currently the district is not aware of any lead lines in use in the district.) To gather this information, we have come up with a short survey about the materials used inside and outside your home/business.

This survey consists of three parts.

  • Property and contact information
  • Customer owned service line material (outside the structure)
  • Structure primary plumbing material (inside the structure)

If you own multiple properties, please complete one survey per property address.

Take the Survey

District Service Line Map

We have developed a new tool where you can search for your property address and determine the material of your water service line and the status of the Water District service line. The water service line is the pipe that brings water into your home from the water meter in the yard.

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